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Hello and thank you for visiting my web site. I have always had a passion for graphic art but was unable to express my talents until the invention of computers and digital graphics.First Macintosh I started out working on a computer back in the early 90s and found myself trying to design graphics on one of the first Macintosh computers made. It did not work out too well, the monitor was black and white and there was no graphic software except for MacPaint.

Soon after, I landed my first job working with a computer and was able to use my talents to design a new company logo and all the forms and product data sheets. I now had a variety of graphic design programs and a Windows computer at home which excelled my computer graphics career.

In the mid 90s the graphic business was not enough, so my brother and I decided to open our own Internet Service Provider business. This gave me the opportunity to learn more than enough about marketing, graphics, computers and networking in a small business environment.E-Net ISP We ran the second largest ISP for eight years in a small town in the midwest.

After the sale of our ISP business in 2004, I have been designing logos, graphic images, websites, business cards, and performing all kinds of computer and network repairs for all types of clients and I really enjoy my work.

Please take a look at my site and review all of my graphic examples. I will be adding more information when I have time, including a download section and a list of all kinds of helpful links for graphic design, website development and computer help.

If you have any questions or would like to get a quotation on some design work please e-mail me or click on the contact link above.

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