A few seconds...

Thatís all the time you have to grab or lose a potential client in this fast paced world we live in. If your design is too drab, too slow, or confusing, you have lost your visitors before you even had a chance to inform them about your services or products. Make those first few seconds count.

Graphic Art

Thatís where DE designs come in. I can help you create an eye-catching website that will draw visitors in to stop and look at the goods or services you have to offer.

I'm looking forward to working with you to combine your ideas and my expertise to create a website or other graphic designs that are beautiful, functional, and highly effective.

Motion implies energy and movement. It means forward thinking, it means synergy, a working relationship with the client. It means using your web-based business solution as a vehicle to achieve success; a success built around strategy and versatility.

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